The “Marco Polo in Palawan” project

Sunset Palawan

The “Marco Polo a Palawan” project is not only a simple business activity, but also a socio-cultural project as well.

The endevor aims to be an entrepreneurial structure with a wide-ranging objective, including a process of understanding and involvement of the local culture, in full respect not only of the purely ecological and naturalistic aspects, but also social and cultural characteristics of the Philippines, and more specifically of the magnificent island of Palawan

An “island” of about 500 km in length (for a total of 15,000 sq km) that takes place from north to south in a slow succession of wild nature, shady jungles, mirroring rice fields, magnificent beaches, and endless hidden treasures, some yet to be discovered.

Even from a cultural point of view the island is multifaceted, alternating areas of Catholic-Western influence, to purely Islamic areas; evolved towns and small remote villages where life flows slowly in absolute and total harmony with the surrounding environment; eighty ethnic groups and a colorful manifestation of local traditions and languages.

Etnie Palawan

The island of Palawan, repeatedly named “the most beautiful island in the world“, is the object, from the Philippine government, of studies and funding for its tourism promotion, but always with great attention to the study of eco-forms tourism that allow the development of the sector and at the same time ensure the respect and the enhancement of the environment.

In this perspective we wants to insert the “Marco Polo a Palawan” project.
Our core business is certainly the reception, but the key words of the various activities will be:
respect and involvement.

We have a dream and a vision that guides us. It is not just business, it is a model of life, in which we firmly believe and that we intend to put into practice in this corner of earthly paradise.

Palawan beach

At the same time it will be a path of personal growth and the sharing of it with those who want to experience (even for a short time) a pace of life far from the frantic, and (sometimes) senseless, race that is imposed on us in the “western” world.

A new adventure of Marco Polo in Asia (this time a little more to the south than the path he did 800 years ago) but with the same spirit: doing business but also knowing, learning and sharing.

Palawan fishing

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